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Ao many Mu statuses are bad be expeled by the calf various miserieses to tie up to round in former days fierce will

 Ao many mus absolutely calculating up NBA is this one of match quarter the most disappointed players, be with reluctance traded to the back of the calf by person in the lake, Ao many mus are getting worse and worse, field all fight to have to for 20.5 minutes 6.6 cent, 4.1 basket planks, shoot the basket to in the clout for rate and three cents, the ball in the clout rate to also sets occupation career lowest.Yesterday, Ao many mus finally ended at the calf brief but frustrated match quarter, the calf authorities declares and Ao many mus reached to formally break up agreement, Ao many mus would get into not activating of the calf list, this meant this match of many mus of Ao the quarter has already ended in advance.

  According to know, calf Ao many mus aring included in don't  activate list,New York Jets Snapback, because calf can also after the match quarter end it and the draft picks pack bargain.At end the occupation career differs most of match quarter after, Ao many mus finally can be good now good take a rest.Ao many mus are a bit depressed after going to the calf, the data straightly falls, according to the United States well-known gossip medium the radar Be on-line to report, they are from the Ao many Mu husband and wife's close friends there know, Ao many feelings fast knots of mus still lie in person in the lake last year to his bargain."Pull Ma Er have never come out from person in the lake traded his to distress, he after being traded always felling very despair, he can not face person in the lake to abandon his reality under the sistuation that the slightest have no early sign."Ao many Mu husband and wife's a friend says that"'s pulling Ma Er has already enchanted himself/herself now, the section Lei hopes that they re- move Los Angeles once, it lets Ao many mus return to go in the environment that he once acquainted with, he is how can forgetting to distress."
  American medium analysis says that trading probably is to let Ao leading of much mus"suppress Yu" fire Suo, but actually misery out of the match field early tie up last the Ao is many mus, this probably also influences his performance.New York Jets Fitted Hat.Last year, a mother's relatives that loved most him was killed, at offer condolences of on the way, he take of the 4x4 bumps to kill a 15-year-old youth again, originally infinite and heartsick Ao many mus witnessed this murder case at that time, and the nerve of flimsiness again suffered stroke.The match field tragedy with excessive outside makes the Ao many Mu mind and body exhausted, ignore is on the body still just spirit up, he can not well at ease take part in to compete.So, break up with calf, temporarily leave a match field probably is a good matter to him.
  Company in Chengdu reports a reporter cover to constantly edit and translate