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Israel army's soldier is suspected of robbing gold

 Israeli military authority says on the 11th that a Palestinian man identifies Israel army's soldier to rend away his gold, the military authority begins a survey.  Palestinian businessman tower ·Sa cloth inside ·Prada Sunglasses 2011the Shi lift Wei 44 years old, he tells the method new agency reporter, about 50 Israeli soldiers lead long a soldier dog on the dawn of the 5th and intrude into he at Jordan river west coast cover Du Mu the home of the village, arrest his son.The Israel army make him closing into a house with wife and search other rooms.  "We hear knock to hit a voice, after two hours, they(soldier) open the door, I check gold and money, " Shi lifts Wei to say, "money is over there, but bind in the gold in a piece of cloth to disappear.The soldiers refuse to listen to I talk and leave." The parlance that lifts Wei according to the Shi, PRADA oversize sunglasses30 pieces of golds rob and always is worth of USD 11,300.Shi lifts Wei to say, the gold is deposited at his house by the other people, not his property.  Israeli military authority declares that"the military authority and police is investigating this affairs" will hand in a survey result to the military judicial organization.

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